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  • On Board Weighing systems
  • Proximity Detection Systems
  • Vehicle Camera systems
  • Needs analysis
  • On-site systems installation
  • Preventative Maintenance

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What's more important than a job done correctly? Doing it Safely!

We love nothing more than to work with our customers to deliver the best solution possible. We have a proven track record of making that happen, even under some very adverse conditions. Let Big Ideas at Work help you to keep your employees and assets safe and your operations running efficiently..


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For more than 10 years we have been serving the needs of customers in Construction, Manufacturing, Aggregates and Mining. In all jobs there has been a strong focus on Safety and doing the job correctly. Big Ideas at Work exists to bring rugged and reliable solutions for increasing the Safety and Efficiency at work sites.


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Our team is dedicated and flexible to meet your needs. No job is too small nor any task too complex. We have alliances with experts in many fields to assist us with all of your needs.

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It all starts with the first phone call or email. We work with you to get to the core of your challenge and then work together to ensure that you are provided with the best solution available.

We are proud to have been chosen as a solutions provider by Companies that already have and are developing some of the best rated safety records and cultures in their industries.